A little about Hyperconverged Nodes

Today I would like to talk about hyperconverged nodes. Hyperconvergence has already gathered a lot of hype, let’s see what are the main reasons to become that popular nowadays. In my personal opinion, there are few key points which should be present in any box for calling it truly hyperconverged.

Let’s start from the top of the list. First point to which I want to attract your attention is consolidation. This should be considered as “must-have” for any hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution. By saying consolidation, I mean, that the basis of the HCI is “all in one” thus the HCI appliance by design gets rid of any hint on cumbersomeness. Integration of compute, storage, and networking makes it possible to create a comprehensive solution managed by a single pane of glass. Simplified solution’s architecture makes administrators life easier, therefore untying their hands for other duties.

The second “must have” feature required for an HCI node is Scaling. I can divide this process on two constituents: Scale-up and Scale-out. Infrastructure growth is quite an important point for any business, thus it should be taken into consideration when drafting the plan. The ability to increase storage or compute recourses on demand is of huge importance when it comes to a real-world scenario. On the other hand, some vendors “lock” the scaling possibility by introducing severe restrictions on adding drives or/and nodes. It leads to an unreasonably high bid of GB. In view of the foregoing, I would recommend exploring the scaling possibility of the HCI solution, and every “under-water rocks” that could be associated with it (cost, limitation, etc.).

The third bullet-point is vitally important for any HCI solution, would you be able to guess it? Well, it seems clear to me that the third key point is support. I am talking not only about the quality of support while this point is undeniably important, but about the scope. The support care level may vary according to the nature of the solution. True HCI should be protected by “single support umbrella” leaving no space for any “vendor finger-pointing”. Proactive Support – innovation that has rapidly evolved into requirement for almost every HCI. Having the possibility to sleep well at night knowing that the infrastructure is in safe hands is indispensable.

Let us take stock of my scribbles. It’s fairly obvious that we can spare these criteria which should be considered as essential for HCI. Consolidation, Scaling, and Support. Don’t misunderstand me, there are many more aspects that should be weighed before diving into this swap. However, those three are cornerstones of any hyperconverged node and should be taken into account in the first place.

A little about Hyperconverged Nodes

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