All About Private Cloud Computing

Private cloud computing is a technology adaptable to the needs of hardware and software, in a quick and safe way, which can be placed “In House” without having to be handled by experts, and perfectly adaptable to the growth of small, medium as well as large enterprises. In this type of computing anything that can provide a computer system is provided as a service, so that users can gain access within the services on the cloud without giving the knowledge (or at least not experts) to the management resources that are being used.

It is a paradigm in which information is stored permanently on Internet servers and sent to temporary client caches, including desktops, entertainment centers, laptops, etc. This is because, although the capabilities of PCs have improved substantially, much of its power is wasted, being general purpose machines.

Private cloud computing is a new model of business services and technology, which tends to allow the user to gain access to a catalog of all the standardized services and meet the needs of your business, a flexible and adaptive, if demands are not predictable or of peak workloads, paying only for consumption made.

The paradigm shift that provides private cloud computing is that it allows to increase the number of network-based services. This creates benefits for suppliers that can offer more quickly and efficiently, a greater number of services to users who are able to access them, enjoying the transparency and immediacy of the system.

The private cloud computing service is to provide the benefits achieved, based on a dynamic IT infrastructure that is characterized, among other factors, a high degree of automation, rapid mobilization of resources, high adaptability to meet variable demand and as advanced virtualization and flexible pricing according to consumption also made preventing the misuse of the software and piracy.

According to a report issued recently, 3 out of 4 companies use private cloud computing for reasons of flexibility and cost savings. 77% of large companies already use the cloud computing and 89% of companies believe that private cloud computing services will be the next logical step to advance the virtualization services.

This study further confirms the importance of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) as a tool to secure the future of business and professional sector highlights the commitment to innovation and cloud computing.

private cloud computing service is a solution. Private cloud computing is considered to achieve a high level of data protection and service level issues. All this is housed in infrastructure demand is the customer who controls their applications, as well as unique in its own cloud. The customer owns the server, network as well as the disk and can decide as to which users have the permission to make use of the data within the infrastructure.

The hybrid clouds are a combination of public and private cloud computing services in which the client owns the private cloud, while the public cloud is part of a global structure in the chosen supplier. While companies may be attracted by the advantages of a hybrid cloud, this option usually is reserved for hard duty and do not require synchronization or connection to complex databases.

All About Private Cloud Computing

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