Are Cloud Computing Companies Really Green?

Referring cloud computing companies as green seems to be an extension within the technology as nothing can be considered as more efficient than transferring bulk of data from thousands of people and getting it stored onto a central location. Cloud computing basically can be referred to as the smaller amount of carbon usage but, is this fact true in actual? Well according to a report issued by Greenpeace, this is not.

The report claims that all the big players in the technology world, Apple, Microsoft as well as Amazon, to name a few, are not really true representatives of the green technology. This claim was based on some statistics that has been gathered and is as follows:

  • About 50 percent of the energy consumed by HP is obtained from coal.
  • About 30 percent of power used by Amazon comes from nuclear power resources.
  • Yahoo and Dell obtain about 20 percent of their energy from coal and approx 15 percent from nuclear resources.

What is required is that cloud computing firms should be more energy efficient as there have been issued various reports in which there is claimed that the concept is very useful or the environment as individuals will make less use of the computer’s hardware which means less energy consumption equating to lower carbon emissions.

On the contrary, reports such as that issued by Greenpeace are based on no standard method that is used to calculate the amount of carbon emissions. Recently published report by non-profit carbon Disclosure Project has claimed that this cloud computing project is helping the companies in US to save energy costs up to $12.3 billion as well as 85.7 metric tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2020.

Are Cloud Computing Companies Really Green?
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