Cloud Computing Companies

Cloud computing companies provide the latest technology for sharing resources such as software, applications, virtual platforms and storage resources. Those companies offer several online storage solutions. Cloud computing service is a perfect and intelligent system that features numerous advantages for online businesses and personal use as well. Certainly, numerous cloud computing companies are there in the market.

Each company has its own pricing list, features, security and support options. If you want to run your business at lower costs and more resources, you need to hire a cloud-based computing service. All you need is to dive into the coming lines to learn more about some cloud computing companies and what services each one offers. You need to make sure to pick the company that serves you and your business more efficiently.

SugarSync, MyPC Backup, ZipCloud and JustCloud are more than excellent companies that offer outstanding sharing service. Those four companies stayed out of the crowd and proofed themselves for 2012. The following piece of writing addresses some features of each company.


It is one of the superior among many Cloud computing companies. The most prominent advantage of SugarSync is the pricing list. It has a low-budget plan for 5 GB storage capacity at $4.95/month. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for low cost and cheap service. Additionally to low cost plans that suits small businesses and personal use, it enjoys many amazing and unique features such as easy-to-use, and easy-to-share, and one click for viewing file for non-member. Usually, when we talk about any cloud computing company we should mention the security features and to which extent the shared data is secured. SugarSync has a leading security feature. While transferring, sharing, storing or backing up, the data is encrypted. SugarSync has a real superior security feature that go along with the U.S Government standards.

MyPC Backup

MyPC Backup is a perfect choice for those who are catering about online storage capacity. It offers unlimited capacity at only $9.95/month. It offers a competitive price-per-gigabyte for backing up area. So, it can win the cloud storage war easily.  And when it comes to the security point, the company has its own approach. It provides their customers with special security of multi-level. In the up side, MyPC Backup is much like SugarSync when talking about the easy-to-use utilities. In the down side, the MyPC Backup must to stay working in the background which may result in a performance trouble especially for the computers that have limited memory.


Having several cutting-edge features such as remote accessibility, easy mobile and top-flight security, it positioned itself quickly in the top list of cloud computing companies. It also has a $9.95/month offer for 5 GB storage resource.


ZipCloud enjoys a wide array of both premium and popular features. Its price rate is awesome; 5 GB of storage space at only $ 9.95/month. The added bonus is it has a high technology sharing software and file management that are packaged with the online, unlimited storage solution plans. In all reality, by offering an outstanding sharing service along with various storage plans, the company positioned itself in the top level of the cloud computing companies list. Moreover, the user interface of ZipCloud is an outstanding and easy-to-use. Also, it has a superior security level. The company runs cutting-edge software for encryption purposes and it is accessible from the control panel that has a bunch of easy-to navigate options.

Now, you have the choice and you can choose the perfect company among all those cloud computing companies. Nevertheless, up to now the security and safety question usually weaves in the horizon especially from clients whose business involves very confidential information. While you are sitting out to take the decision of picking one of the most reliable cloud computing companies, it is worth bearing in mind that there are three types of cloud-based services in the marketplace. The most popular type is the IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service).  The second type is the PaaS (platform-as-a-service). The third type is SaaS (software-as-a-service). Each type has its own features.

As mentioned IaaS cloud computing companies is the most popular technology. And if you would like to look at a list of top IaaS companies, read on.


Rackspace is mainly an internet hosting company and it has upgraded the service to contain the cloud computing. It uses Mosso which is the main platform for distributing hosting. The best about Rackspace is that it keeps itself updated regularly. If you need on-demand cloud computing service, Rackspace is the best solution.

Joyent Inc

This company is one of the most famous cloud computing companies that enjoys several technologies such as PHP, MySQL Apache and the best, all these technologies are running on RAM-rich multicore servers. And it has a high security system.


Amazon offers a platform called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. It applies the EC2 technology which gives a pre-configured prototype image and web interface so that configuring new application is a matter of clicks. In addition, Amazon Machine Image can keep data and applications. Definitely it enables you to set the configuration you want and can gain access to all your applications from different spots.


It offers particular computing utility which called Enki. Therefore, it has the complete capabilities of building virtual data centres on-demand. It can handle one or even hundreds of platforms each with its own configuration and resources. As any IaaS service, it offers hardware and administrative services that required to run and keep applications. Additionally, there is changing of bandwidth flexibility.


Basically, it is a management service of cloud computing technology. It offers a platform and packages it with a hosting service option.

On conclusion

After reading the previous articles carefully and walking through the various features of each company, you have gained enough information about the types of cloud computing companies. And now, you can certainly choose the ideal company for your business based on your requirements in terms of prices, storage resources, sharing facility, updating or upgrading options and etc.

Cloud Computing Companies

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