Cloud Computing Solutions

Although just a few years to any company or individual would have seemed a dream to own a computer with a capacity to store 500 or a thousand gigabytes of information, these almost seem laughable now to the wealth of information that moves.

Photos, videos, documents, statistical tables, comprehensive programs, plans, designs … The computer world needs more and more space, not just physical volume of bytes, but unsure how to access them at any time , and simultaneously protect information from intruders.

At the same time, the increasingly expensive licenses to be paid for the use of software, along with essential and teamwork and information exchange in real time, have led many to look to cloud computing solutions or computing in the cloud as a solution to many of these problems.

In this way the programs you use to write, draw, calculate, and to listen to music and watch videos do not necessarily have to be on your machine, but running over the Internet or a computer network.

Stored data is also stored in this remote, even if you have a physical backup hard disk or removable media, and the best systems allow you to synchronize the changes, so that when you transform a document or file is also reflected in what is in the cloud computing solutions.

Cloud computing is an Internet-based computer system and remote data points so as to manage the information applications and services. Cloud computing solutions allow consumers and businesses to manage files and applications without installing them on any computer with Internet access. This technology offers a much more efficient use of resources which includes memory, storage, bandwidth as well as processing by providing only the necessary resources at all times.

The cloud service is considered as a metaphor for the Internet and originating from the Internet used to represent cloud in network diagrams as an abstraction of the infrastructure it represents.

A simple example of cloud computing is the set of documents and electronic applications, Google Docs / Google Apps. For use not need to install software or have a server, just an Internet connection to use any of its services.

Types of Cloud

There are different types of cloud computing solutions which depends on the needs of each company, the service model offered and the implementation of it, but basically there are three main groups:

Public Clouds

Public clouds refer to the Standard Model of cloud computing solutions, where services are offered on external servers to the user from where they can access the applications for free or for a charge.

Private Clouds

In the private cloud platform, it is within the company premises and usually does not provide services to others. In general, private cloud computing solutions is a platform for obtaining hardware only, i.e., machinery, storage and network infrastructure (IaaS), but also can have a private cloud that allows deployed applications (PaaS).

Private clouds are a good choice for companies that need high data protection and service level issues. In private clouds the customer controls what applications they use. The company owns the infrastructure and can decide those users who are allowed to make use of it.

Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid clouds combine local resources of a private cloud to public cloud. Private infrastructure is augmented with cloud computing solutions for public infrastructure. This allows a company to maintain control of its main applications and leverage public cloud computing only when necessary.

Cloud Computing Solutions

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