Cloud Computing – What Exactly It Is ?

Simply, Cloud computing is a recent resources sharing technology. It is the art of sharing resources whether they are applications or storage space. Multiply small and big companies are using this technology due to its numerous benefits. It is the most recent technology in the server sphere. It is an intelligent system that provides storage resources, multiple services, software and virtual platforms. The customers can gain access to a variety of companies on the internet directly without the need to store or even run the targeted software on their own platforms.

In details, we can define Cloud Computing easier if it is compared to the electricity service, for example. All you need to gain access to electricity is to turn a button on/off. You switch the button systematically regardless where is the electricity generated or manufactured. Another example is the cloud hosting. We can consider Cloud computing a higher level of cloud hosting service.  Cloud Computing uses the same principle of Cloud hosting.  When we say that a cloud hosting is applied, this means several servers are hosting the same site; it is not on a single server with a single storage capacity. In the cloud computing world, you can find several sites provide applications and software like office package. It is an added advantage for those who are working on a team for particular project.  When they use cloud computing service they will collaborate more efficiently.

How Cloud Computing Service Works

The best, this type of computing service allows you to organize and reach your data from any computer that is connected to the internet. That is because your account details are not on particular Laptop or PC; instead they are stored on the web. In addition the data you are working on is stored on the web as well. Just suppose you have your own virtual computer on the web which you can reach from anywhere all over the world. Therefore, sharing data such as photos, videos and documents is becoming more easily and immediately.

Surprisingly, if you are using Picasa or Yahoo, you are partially using the computing service. When we use Yahoo email service, we have access to our personal account from any computer that is connected to the World Wide Web.

Computing or Cloud-based system is a high technology service that characterized by transferability, mobility and accessibility. Absolutely, if you have any data that is stored on your laptop, your platform at the workplace, your mobile phone and/or your social network account, you will gain access to all this information from one place because all these pieces of information will be synched.

Logically you may ask is using this cloud-based computing service safe 100%.  Is it very confidential? Of course, yes. Exactly it is like your email. When you use your email account it is safe completely and certainly you may experience sending and receiving very confidential data. Cloud computing is the same technique. The safety of the data is the number one priority. Your data can be shown and displayed to only the persons you intend to share the data with.

However, if you are planning to use Cloud Computing system, there are some points you should take into account. Here are some of them. Keep reading.


Bear in mind, the network provider can access any information at the cloud at any particular moment.  Data can be reached and the worst removed accidently or purposely.

Losing Data

Although, the cloud network is safe, there is a possibility of losing data; that is because the central location for data storage is now only one. Of course, it is necessary to have data stored in several locations.


It is so important for business owners to get an accurate and clear idea about the licenses to avoid much headache of not having sufficient licenses for all the users. As a company owner, make sure that licensing is figured out properly so that all the users can gain access to the required resources at any moment.


All the legal issues such as trademark infringement, security and proprietary info can work with any cloud computing service. It has the same legal concerns of any contract.

The Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has various advantages.Some of them are listed below.

Low Costs

By using a cloud computing service, business owners will not have to buy numerous licensed applications. Certainly, they can gain access to any software whether it is general or dedicated. Interestingly, they can get access to a complete virtual computer that configured with all the required applications. Truly, Cloud computing is the perfect approach to adjust any corporation budget because it is the perfect way to save a lot of money.

Cloud network permits the end user to enjoy peace of mind as there is no need to make any software updates or hardware upgrade. Any upgrade or update only is made in the cloud. Also, small business owners can find suitable deals at lower costs.


IT team has less work as the entire resources are not local; they are shared resources. It is a matter of keeping a screen to the Cloud; it is much like the interface of the web.


Once the user is on the cloud, he/she has the full accessibility of his/her data wherever and whenever he /she wants. It is a real-time access.

Wrapping Up

Cloud computing is a real revolution in sharing information sphere.  It permits the end-users to get access to many resources such as applications and software whether they are readymade programs or dedicated applications. It is a brilliant technology that can save a lot of money for business owners. Once the company uses this cloud-based service, there is no need to buy high-priced legal software such as Microsoft Windows or Office Suite. There are no expenses on upgrading or updating the hardware. Any hardware or software can be reached through the network. Although, Cloud computing is amazing technology, but it has some related issues that should be taken into account when using this monster service.Check out this post for finding out Pros And Cons of Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing – What Exactly It Is ?

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